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Dolgorjavin BOLD /Born in 1952 in Hovsgol Province/


State Laureate, Academic of Mongolian Fine Art Academy, People's Artist of Mongolia

1968-1971 Graduated from College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1971-1977 Graduated from Repin Academy of Fine Art, St. Peterburg, Russia

I paint my creations in direction of "abstract expressionism" which has been almost unknown in Mongolia and do my best to make an own individual contribution to the Mongolian fine art. Study on works of painters from Poland, France, USA where "abstract expressionism" has been intensively developed, participation in international exhibitions, symposiums and other undertakings greatly helped me in bringing a new outlook in fine art of my country. Human aspiration is unlimited, therefore, I am always in quest for new creation in order to discover myself.


Since 1977 regularly participates in all exhibitions organized by the Union of Mongolian artists in Mongolia and abroad, including Czechoslovakia, Austria, Algeria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, China, Korea, Cuba, Hungary, Norway, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia and Great Britain.
1979 2nd International exhibition of young painters, Sofia, Bulgaria
1980, 82, 86, 88 International exhibition of drawings, Yugoslavia
1982, 1985, 1988 International art triennial, Sofia, Bulgaria
1988 International art biennial, Koshice, Czechoslovakia
1988 International portrait and graphics fifth biennial, Tuzla, Yugoslavia
1990 Mongolian exhibition, Ceret, France
1992 One-man show, Ansenis, France
1993 Joint exhibition of French-Mongolian artists, Ermont, Paris; Ulaanbaatar
1994 Mongolian exhibition, Italy
1995 Joint exhibition of Korean-Mongolian artists, Seoul, Ulaanbaatar
1997 Thirty-third Asia art exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1997 International triennial, Delhi, India
1999 One-man show, Macao
2000 Colors from Mongolia Mongolian exhibition, New York, San Francisco, USA
2000 American art Works festival zoo, Virjinia, USA
2001 Tachikawa international Art festival, Japan
2002 Solo exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2003 Asian Art now in Las Vegas
2004 Group Family exhibition,Art Gallery of the UMA
2004 Solo exhibition,Gallery U,Sugino Gakuen,Tokyo,Japan
2004 "Gobi of Dream" family exhibition, Art gallery of the UMA, Inos gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2004 "Mongolia and Tamna", Sympathetic exhibition of continent and island, Jeju, Korea
2005 Korean-Mongolian exchange exhibition, Ulaanbaatar
2007 "Art of Mongolia" family exhibition at Time gallery, Vienna, Ausrtia
2007 " Wien-Venezia" exhibition at Xanadu gallery, Ulaanbaatar
2008 " The Stars of Far East" joint exhibition of russian, mongolian and korean artists, Korea
2009 “Mongolian Art in Vienna” family exhibition
2009 “19th Anniversary Commemoration Exhibition” Korean and Mongolian artists exhibition, Modern Art Gallery

2011 "Nude" exhibition at Art Gallery of UMA, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2011 "Legend of Blue Sky" solo exhibition at Zanabazar Art Museum, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2012-Joint exhibition in France

2012, 2013-Art Academics of Mongolia, joint exhibition, UMA, Mongolia

2013 "To My Lady" joint exhibition at Tsagaandarium Art Museum&Gallery

2012-People's Artist of Mongolia
1997 - Prize of 33d Asia Modern Art Exhibition, Tokyo
1994 - Laureate Mongolian State prize
1992 - "North Star" Order of Mongolia
1988 - Special prize of International Art Triennial, Sofia
1986 - Prize of Union of Mongolian Artists
1982 - Diploma from International Art Triennial, Sofia